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> > Go to the top level of the perl port and type: use.perl port. That will
> > set up your system to use the new port instead. It writes to
> /etc/make.conf
> > and does some symlinks. You can go back by typing use.perl system.
> Thanks for the reply. :)
> But I do not ( yet ) want to use perl 5.8.0 as default. Especially so, since
> half my programs would miss all their modules. I was just looking for a way
> in which I can gradually start to install 5.8.0 modules, without having to
> make 5.8.0 the default. Or I could switch from "use.perl port" to "use.perl
> system" whenever I install a new package. But on a live system, that may not
> be ideal.

Try adding the following to /etc/make.conf:

    # -- use.perl generated deltas -- #
    # Created: Thu Nov 21 16:11:52 2002
    # Setting to use base perl from ports:

That's a fair chunk of what the 'use.perl port' command does.  It
shouldn't affect day to day use of perl on your machines, but it will
cause all perl modules built from ports to be built against perl5.8.0.
The PERL_VER*, PERL_ARCH variables are the interesting ones from the
point of view of building ports.  The NOPERL, NO_PERL* ones suppress
the build of perl-5.005.03 supplied with the system, so you may want
to comment those out until you've completed your transition.

Hmmm... By my reading of /usr/ports/Mk/bsd.port.mk, if /usr/bin/perl
exists the port build process will attempt to use that as the perl
command when building ports.  I believe you should be able to override
that choice by adding:


to /etc/make.conf.

Remember that updating or reinstalling a ported perl module
(especially if using portupgrade(1)) will probably delete any
pre-existing perl-5.005.03 version:


will help you to be able to install both versions simultaneously,
although it will trash the contents of /var/db/pkg unless you also
play games with setting PKG_DBDIR.



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