On 9/27/07, Beech Rintoul <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Wednesday 26 September 2007, Bill Stwalley said:
> > I have servers running 6.1 and 6.2.  I use freebsd-update in cron
> > jobs to install binary security update to the base system, and use
> > cvsup/portupgrade in cron jobs to install port updates.  By
> > default, cvsup uses CURRENT branch.
> >
> > I am tired of some updates breaking something unnecessarily, and am
> > thinking of changing to SECURITY branch in cvsup.  Is that
> > possible?  Some of my ports are already locally compiled with
> > customized options.
> >
> > If that's impossible, can I wait until the release of 6.3,
> > upgrading to it, and then switch to SECURITY branch in cvsup?
> >
> > If those are entirely impossible, can I switch to STABLE branch?
> >
> > I'm confused by this system, please let me know if anything I do
> > doesn't make sense.
> >
> > Best, Bill
> There are no other branches of ports except current. The release,
> security, stable and current branches only apply to the system
> itself. The exception being the ports that come with a release are
> just a snapshot of the ports tree at the time the release was rolled.
> While we try our best to avoid breakage, it sometimes happens. My
> suggestion is that if you plan on upgrading something mission
> critical, you might want to try the upgrade on another similar box
> first and test. As for compiling with options not already available
> in the port itself, you are basically on your own. If there is a
> particular option that comes with the sources, but is not a port
> option contact the maintainer of that port. As for doing port updates
> with a cron script it's not recommended. You should always read
> UPDATING before installing anything. Believe me it will save you foot
> shooting.
> Beech
> --

I run freebsd-update and my cvsup configuration uses "*default release=cvs
tag=.".  I am actually following security branch, since I do not recompile
the kernel, right?  This cvs tag only matters if I compile the kernel,

Thanks, Bill
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