Hi  everybody ,

I like to know the different backup techniques that is very cheaper (I cant go for a SAN, mirror .. even if I can purchase those,please excuse me because I believe more productivity @ less resources )for my webserver, but any solution logicaly the cheapest one ,by which I can restore all the data that I have just before the server crash(if it occurs)

What I followed was I configured a crontab in mydesktop PC which will run rsync utility through ssh to my webserver at 23 rd hour of a day . so I can get incremntal backup of the directories and database ( that I configuerd for rsync )daily .

But I want a solution through that I can restore my server without any data lose (ex: if the server crashes at 23.30 hour then that 30 minutes data I lose ).

So many experts here in this mailing lists can suggest their techniques for a full system recovery(& backup solutions) after the crash without any data lose.

Your kind responses will help me lot
Thanks in advance

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