Hello out there,
I have a problem with setting up an FreeBSD box as OpenLDAP server with several services, like SAMBA, NFS.

The intention is to have a FreeBSD 7.0 fileserver (NFS, SAMBA) also acting as OpenLDAP server. So far. OpenLDAP is up and running, using TLS/SSL certificate. SAMBA is also up and running - but it never connects to the OpenLDAP server due to an connection error, but this shouldn't be the subject here, I have more basic questions about what FreeBSD already has and what to install additionally.

I want customers to log in on the FBSD box, so they sould log in (authenticated via OpenLDAP), change their passwords and shells and those user specifica should be updated on the LDAP server.

I already installed pam_ldap-port but ran into trouble because FreeBSD's nss obviously does not have a tag 'ldap' to refere to an OpenLDAP server (and not files). Well, I'm confused and not very firm with OpenLDAP/PAM/NSS stuff, especially if SSL/TLS come into play and I would like to ask those herein administering those setups, especially within a hybrid NFS/SAMBA fileservicing environment, where to find up to date informationes/howto/tipps.

Most websites and HowTo's I found were Linux related or, if related to FreeBSD, outdated.

Sorry beeing so unspecific, but the problem is complex (to me) so I would better ask for those who are willing to help or give hints and tips.

Thanks in advance and for your patience,

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