On Friday 28 September 2007 06:05:49 Jay Chandler wrote:
> Eric Schuele wrote:
> > On 09/27/2007 21:01, Jay Chandler wrote:
> >> Howdy.
> >>
> >> Sorry to keep hitting the list with questions today, but does anyone
> >> know how to get the home, delete, end, page up, etc. keys working
> >> correctly in vim?
> >>
> >> It works in Linux, drives me nuts in FreeBSD...
> >
> > They work perfectly fine here.  How is it you expect those keys to
> > behave?  Define "working correctly".
> When in insert mode, and pagedown is pressed, the letter the cursor is
> over is capitalized, and the editor is removed from insert mode, as an
> example.
> PageUp capitalizes the letter next to it, and again removes me from
> insert mode.
> Home randomly capitalizes letters and shifts the cursor to the next letter.
> Insert decapitalizes the letter the cursor is over.
> Weird behavior like this...
> I was mistaken in that this is in vim-- this is in the natural version
> of vi that ships with the base OS.
> This is happening from PuTTY in default setting mode on a Windows box--
> my MacBook is relatively better behaved.

If you also run Linux, you can copy your ~/.vimrc or the systemwide one to 
your FreeBSD as ~/.vimrc and that should fix the problem.  Also export your 
editor as vim in your ~/.bashrc.  In addition, I make an alias so that when I 
use 'vi' as a command, I get 'vim' and not what FreeBSD uses as vi by 
default.  I had the same problems that you report.

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