On 9/28/07, Alexandre Biancalana <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi list,
>   I've to backup a large window$ 2003 FileServer (~800GB) from my new
> FreeBSD BackupServer (before I can change this fileserver to FreeBSD).
>   I'm trying cygwin+rsync on FileServer side and rsync+hardlinks on
> BackupServer side.
>   Using rsync the two great advantages are:
>      1. Only copy the changes
>      2. on the BackupServer side I use hardlinks from the older backups,
> with this only space consumed is from file that where changed.
>   on the bad side:
>      1. Problems with long pathnames
>      2. Problems with unicode filenames
>      3. Very slow copy ~ 2MB/s (I've doubt if this can be improved using any
> other copy method)
>   I want hear some ideas from the list about the options available to
> accomplish this job.

Alexandre - have you looked at using something like Bacula:

You should get much better performance (you can write your backup to
disk - it does not have to be a tape device) and all windows metadata
etc. should be preserved as well.


Pete Wright
NYC's *BSD User Group
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