I have more then 4gb and was wondering why it didn't all show up....
is there anyway to do a in place upgrade (I have a lot of user
data)... also someone should think about changing the naming on the
iso/cpu types since 20 years of industry experience (15 with FreeBSD)
and reading hardware.txt did not give a clue on this.


On 9/29/07, Lowell Gilbert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> "Aryeh Friedman" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Currently I have done a build/installworld build/install/kernel using
> > a i386 CPUTYPE (w/ SMP and APIC set in the kernel (I am using the
> > default sys/i386/conf/GENERIC) do I need to change this to amd64 for a
> > intel duo e6850?  (I have had several seemingly unrelated problems
> > that no one seems to be able to reproduce)... btw it is a P35 chipset
> It should work fine with either.  With large amounts of memory (over 4
> gigabytes), amd64 will be better.  There are a few (mostly desktop-only)
> ports that will run on i386 but not on amd64.
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