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Are there any numbers or technical papers? Just out of curiosity.
I ran a mysql benchmark against Dragonfly-current and FreeBSD 7 on an
8-core machine (one of the workloads that FreeBSD now performs very well
at) and found 0 scaling on dragonfly.  Their developers confirmed that
the kernel is still entirely giant locked (as in FreeBSD 4) so no SMP
performance benefits are possible.

The email thread is here:


although the linked graph is offline.  The FreeBSD curve was essentially
this one (FreeBSD has improved further since then):


with dragonfly a flat line at ~500 tps independent of load.


How does NetBSD, and OpenBSD scale when it comes to SMP comparing to
FreeBSD 7.0?

I was unable to boot NetBSD reliably on my hardware (the serial console only worked about 1/8 of the time) and did not even bother with OpenBSD because there is no reason to think they will be a contender for performance.

One of the NetBSD developers recently posted a comparison on old 4*pentium 3 hardware, but their numbers are highly suspicious to me since they are way out of line with what I have measured on similar FreeBSD systems. I am waiting to hear back from him about it.

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