On Sat, Sep 29, 2007 at 07:06:55PM -0600, Simon Timms wrote:
> Hello,
> I seem to be having some trouble bridging interfaces in FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE.
> What I have are two interfaces
> rl0 -
> sis0 -
> and a bridge I've set up following the pages in the handbook.  However
> frames don't seem to be routed from one interface to the other.  The
> internet gateway for the networks lives on and I am able to
> reach the internet from boxes on the subnet but not from the
> other.  Tracing the route from a box on the subnet the
> connection times out on the freebsd box, orinoco.

A layer 2 bridge connects two physical network segments to create the 
illusion of a single layer 2 network. In general, you have a single IP 
subnet sitting on top of a layer 2 network. Think of a bridge as a
2-port ethernet switch.

If you want a single layer 2 network, try readdressing the 
192.168.2/24 side to be on the 192.168.1/24 subnet. 

If you need different subnets, you'll want to configure *routing* and
not bridging (See: handbook/network-routing.html).

Good luck,

Chris Cowart
Lead Systems Administrator
Network & Infrastructure Services, RSSP-IT
UC Berkeley

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