On Sat, 29 Sep 2007 00:06:37 +0000 Aryeh Friedman said:

> When will this be in cvsup?
> --Aryeh

About 30 hours ago.

localhost.root# ls -l /var/log/cvsup.log
-rw-r--r--  1 root  wheel  41979 Sep 29 03:19 /var/log/cvsup.log

localhost.root# grep cups-base /var/log/cvsup.log
 Edit ports/print/cups-base/Makefile
 Edit ports/print/cups-base/distinfo
 Delete ports/print/cups-base/files/patch-CVE-2007-3387
 Checkout ports/print/cups-base/files/patch-Makedefs.in
 Delete ports/print/cups-base/files/patch-Makefile
 Checkout ports/print/cups-base/files/patch-auth.c
 Checkout ports/print/cups-base/files/patch-configure
 Edit ports/print/cups-base/pkg-plist

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