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> I know this should be easy, but I cannot get it to work right.
> Basically, I have a list of items, and I need to place each one on a
> separate line.
> Here is the script I am using.
> #!/bin/sh
> FILENAMES="test1 test2 test3"
> for filename in ${FILENAMES}
> do
>         FILELIST="${FILELIST}${filename}"$'\n\r'
>         echo ${FILELIST}
> done
> And, here is the output I am getting.
> test1$\n\r
> test1$\n\rtest2$\n\r
> test1$\n\rtest2$\n\rtest3$\n\r
> The output I would like to see is:
> test1
> test2
> test3

How about skipping the trick with '\n\r' altogether?

This should work better:


        FILENAMES="test1 test2 test3"

        for fname in ${FILENAMES}
                echo "${fname}"

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