Dragoncrest disturbed my sleep to write:
>       Now, on to the next bit of fun.  Fetchmail is being dog slow.  Yet 
>       it's being silent and won't tell me why.

Fetchmail was doing the same to me.  It turned out that the POP server (one I 
run myself) was running the identd daemon, and was trying to query the computer
that was running fetchmail to verify my identity.  I had my firewall set up to
drop these packets -- but this just makes the identd daemon try harder, until 
finally it times out.  I read somewhere that the Right Way to take care of this
was to send reset packets back, rather than silently drop them; the identd daemon 
gives up right away (or nearly so).

Try using ipfw like so:

        reset tcp from any 113 to any in recv <foo>

where <foo> is set to whatever your external interface, and see if that makes a 

Hope this helps,

Saint Aardvark the Carpeted
Because the plural of Anecdote is Myth.

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