I have a quick question about Postfix.
When I install Free BSD and have it
include Postfix  from packages, does
the install process completely replace
Sendmail with Postfix, or do I still have
to replace Sendmail with Postfix separately?
Thanks in advance
Jeff K

The package install of postfix does nothing to sendmail. It's not like the MTA switch utility found in some linux distros. Just turn off the various bits of sendmail in /etc/rc.conf and start postfix.

Postfix does include an executable named "sendmail" that directly replaces some of the "old" sendmail capability.

This is what is confusing me some. I have a text from SAMS on Postfix and it talks about renaming several sendmail related files and removing the suid permissions on them. Because both Sendmail and Postfix are extensive systems, getting all the cogs and gears together looks like a real challenge to me.

It's easy. If you install using the port it will ask you what you'd like to do. Typically you'd tell it to use mailer.conf to use postfix instead of sendmail and leave it at that. man mailer.conf for more info, but the port will take care of it for you (or at least tell you what to do, it's been awhile since I set it up)
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