Olivier Nicole wrote:
Is Apache rotatelogs suitable for handling large volumes of
access logs, i.e. around 50K requests per hour at _peak_ time which is
1.2M requests per day.  According to Apache website
(http://httpd.apache.org/docs/1.3/logs.html#rotation) this becomes
about 120MB in size per day.

In another setting (few hits, buts hundreds of sites, rotatelogs means
one process per site, while newsyslog is only one process when it is
needed. The last log to rotate sending the appropriate signale to

That's a fine point to mention.

However, if you're running a bunch of domains using virtual hosts on one Apache instance, then you can just combine them into a single output logfile, have just one rotatelogs instance, feed that through rDNS lookups, and then feed them into a splitter per site or just use a webanalyser which is vhosts-aware and generates separate reports for each vhost....

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