George Fazio wrote:
> On Mon, 1 Oct 2007, Fernando Apesteguía wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm having some problems with the FreeBSD site. Basically, when I type
>> in the address bar in Firefox I can't access the web.
>> I get always a timeout.
>> The funny thing is that I can do ping and if I use the IP address I
>> can access the main page, but then most of the links are not working
>> for me.
> I've seen this issue on my machines sparactically as well.  Last night, I
> could not get to  Fetch was reporting "No route to host",
> when I did a traceroute it was dying on a Yahoo router ... I didn't think
> to write it down at the time so I can't tell you which one.  I'm on
> Comcast in the Philly area of PA for reference.  It came out of Comcast,
> went to Level3 and then to Yahoo. Oh, and I wasn't even able to ping it in
> my case.
> Hope this helps someone track it down.  I can currently traceroute all the
> way to the site, so whatever the issue is it seems to not be an issue at
> the moment.  But, I've seen this at least twice in recent memory, so
> something appears to be flakey somewhere.
Its very wierd -- mine from VA went the same path -- I couldn't ping it,
but I did an nmap on it and port 80 was listed as open.

Other times it's died, but not in yahoo -- I have access to some
computers at OSUOSL.

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