I recently updated a system running freebsd 4.2 to 4.7.  I realize
that there is new ATA code in 4.7.  This system is on a SCSI disk,
but /home is on a large IDE drive.  

Following a 'make installkernel', I rebooted to single user mode, ran
installworld, then did mergemaster.  I let mergemaster run the new
'/dev/MAKEDEV all'.

The 4.2 system called my /home partition /dev/ad0s1e; during boot up 
of 4.7, I see that the disk is recognized, but is called "ad5" instead 
of "ad0".  I haven't changed the hardware at all, btw.  However, there 
appears to be no /dev/ad5s1e, and furthermore, when I run the disklabel 
editor, it tells me that there is no filesystem on /dev/ad5.  If I 
reboot to the old 4.2 kernel, somewhat problematically, I can mount 
/dev/ad0s1e, and access my files.

The UPDATING file mentioned the new ata code, but didn't say anything
about the need to re-create filesystems; I must be missing something.

Any help appreciated.


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