On Thu, 4 Oct 2007 23:35:10 -0400
Robert Huff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> >  In the time honored FreeBSD tradition of answering my own email,
> >  I have XMMS working again.
> >  
> >  I moved the .xmms directory in my home directory to old.xmms and
> >  started XMMS again. Low and behold it created a new .xmms
> >  directory and XMMS started. The only problem that I have is I can
> >  no longer douvle the size of the graphic player.
>       You're lucky.
>       Mine now starts - good.
>       Attempts to double the size result in a) window going wierd
> and freezing and b) process attempting to consume 100% of CPU.  (The
> process is killable.)
Well, this is what I meant. When I attempt  to double the size I lose
the graphic. It actually give me a double size rectangle with random
pixels (i.e. different pattern depending on which skin I am using).
There is no response to any mouse click anywhere in the window. I did
not check 'top' but yes it can be killed. 

At least I have music while slaving away :)

Thank you everyone who has responded.

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