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Hey look,
BASH is not a UNIX shell.
BASH occurred with Linux then carried over into FreeBSD.
While it has "some" advantages, it is still a bastard.

UNIX is written in "C"

Want the best you can get? Use "tcsh" as a shell and let the linux community do whatever they want.

I know a lot of elitists detest BASH, especially in the Linux camp (probably because zomg we can't use the default shell, we might be conforming to something and that's totally un-linuxy).

But BASH is an excellent shell with most of the features from csh and ksh as well as the ability to run sh scripts. It was built to be POSIX compliant, not built for linux.. But this is all besides the point, I didn't ask
what people think of BASH >.<

I didn't ask how to set it as the root shell, what I asked about was creating a statically linked binary of BASH so that I COULD use it as the root shell! So that it could be used without /usr mountable..

Oh well..
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