Aryeh Friedman wrote:
On 10/5/07, Doug Hardie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I am planning for replacing one of my servers.  I want to upgrade to
at least a dual-core machine.  I found the Abit IP 35 Pro motherboard
at Frys which looks like it has most everything I need.  However, I
don't find any discussions about that particular board in the
archives or Google.  Has anyone used that board and does it work well
with FreeBSD 6? Thanks.

P35 in general has caused problems

That board should work perfectly fine on FreeBSD 7-CURRENT (or 7-RELEASE when that becomes available), and for all intensive purposes should work with 6-RELEASE; you'll want to update to the latest version of 6 though because there were some driver releases that came out which allow you to use Marvell NICs (msk driver), for instance.

I have a comparable board from ASUS (P5K-E) and it worked fine with 6.x (6.1-rc1, 6.2 latest), and works nicely with 7-CURRENT (sources sup'ed from Sept 27th). So unless Abit does something funky with the devices onboard, things should work perfectly fine (not sure about onboard graphics though since I have an nvidia card :)...).

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