Multiple disks basically added together like RAID, but in a
software/hardware setup to create one large volume (and single file system).

man gconcat
man ggated
man ggatec
man gmirror (could be useful)
man  growfs

The use would be for web services... so when a particular volume fills up I
can extend it by adding disks and not have to move home directories to
different file systems, etc...


From: Derek Ragona [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
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Subject: Re: Building a SAN using FreeBSD

At 04:00 PM 10/6/2007, Don O'Neil wrote:

Anyone have any resources for building a FreeBSD based SAN device? IE, how
can I create an extendable file system using networked drives in muliple
boxes without paying a billion dollars for someones expensive drive arrays.


Well you can load FreeBSD on multiple boxes, I assume using cheap disks,
then run samba on each to share some of the drives.


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