there are basically two types of UPS' around: online and stand-by or fly-by.

The online version is much more expensive but also much better in critical conditions.

Gary Kline wrote:
        Hi Folks,
Recently, a storm happened and the power surge blew me off-line. Time to get serious about buying a UPS that will
        handle my four main servers for at-most, a 10-second power

You have the choice between four individual boxes or one big box.

Cases like this let the online version shine. Stand-by versions fail pretty often especially if you have a neighbour around running big engines powered directly from the power lines.

Even big air-cons can cause the problems.

Linux} computer? Is there a UPS that is designed for heavy use and a very short (5- to 10-second) uptime? I'll need one that can

I do not think that it is a good advice to go for 10 second uptime. Take a rating fitting your machines (400W power rating for the machine, 600VA for the UPS) with at least 10 minutes uptime.

APC supplies you with both types of UPS.

All APC I have seen failing were of the fly-by type, all other were the online version. I think, it will be the same for any other brand.

But do not drop dead when you see the price difference. This will be money well spend.

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