Gary Kline wrote:
        Outstanding; thanks++ for the URL for the watt/amp/volt/Hz/VA
meter. I just ordred one. Also for the ups_selector page.

Glad to help. When you're experimenting with the meter, remember that for many devices you need to plug it in for a couple days to average out the load. Like a refrigerator, where the defrost only kicks in every few days. No so big a deal on computers, but you'll still get more accurate numbers. I saw one online review of the thing where the author was testing devices for less than an hour at a time, which is NOT going to give any accurate results.

Some of my discoveries: CRTs that don't go into low power mode suck obscene amounts of power. Refrigerators aren't as bad a you might think. Most the draw in a residence is the HVAC.

I'll send you (off list) a spreadsheet I was using to track stuff.

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