Thanks for your response.
No, there is nothing about sudo in /var/log/messages (in anyone else file in /var/log).
But i modified my /etc/syslog.conf. The problem could is this file ?
I pastebin my file : http://pastebin.com/m35ceae32

What's the problem to log sudo informations ?

Thanks !


Pieter de Goeje a écrit :
On Tuesday 09 October 2007, Nicolas Letellier wrote:

In my FreeBSD 6.2, I use sudo for a user.
However, I want know who has used sudo in my machine. But, sudo doesn't
log anything. I have nothing about sudo in /var/log...

Syslog log auth.* in /var/log/auth, but nothing about sudo...

It logs it's messages in /var/log/messages.
What's the problem ? Any ideas ?

Thanks !
No Problemo :)

Pieter de Goeje

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