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williamkow <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>    How can I install Xorg, if there is no internet connection ? I means
>    offline installation of Xorg ?
>    I got a lot error codes, relating to accessing the http sites. Please
>    advise. Thank you.

Presuming you have the install disk 1:

Log in as root and type sysinstall

Down arrow to Configure and press enter

Down arrow to Distributions, press enter

Down arrow all the way to X.Org, press enter

Select the parts of the distribution set you require in a similar way.

Press the tab key to switch between the selections and the OK box.
When you're happy with your selections up arrow to Exit which will
take you back to the previous page. Press enter again and you should
then be able to choose the installation media.

It is harder to describe than to do.

Thanks, John.
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