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> I have a client that has video cameras (D-Link) and wants to stream video
> on his Web site. The problem is that his Internet connection is such that
> the IP address is dynamic. Can I push the data to my server? How? I don't
> need to store it; I just need to make it available for viewing. Tutorials
> somewhere? TIA,

Probably easiest solved using or similar services. Or setup your 
own. The website uses a hostname. As soon as he connects, he updates the DNS 
to his new IP using the various programs available to do that. Then the 
website doesn't care what his IP is.

If this isn't an option, it depends what he's using to stream the video. 
Icecast[1] on your server would do the job. If the mount point isn't 
connected by a client[2], it will return 404. I remember from a few years 
back, Apple's and Real's media servers have similar features. Your customer 
should then be configured to stream to your server.

[1] audio/icecast2
[2] audio/ices
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