This is driving me crazy. I have a small script that I
run from CRON. It is run as a regular user and not as
ROOT, although I have tried it both ways. It uploads
SPAM to the '' site'.

I have created a ~/.netrc file that looks like this:

        login user
        password secret

macdef  spam
        put $1

Now, if I run the following command from the command
prompt, the script works fine.

echo \$ spam | ftp -n
ftp://user:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

The above should all be on one line, although it may
be shown split into two right now.

However, if this is put into a bash script, and run if
from CRON, I receive a mail with this error message:

'spam' macro not found.
I have no idea what I am doing wrong.

I have the $HOME, $SHELL and $PATH variables set in

White Hat 

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