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I was successfully able to get Xorg upgraded to 7.2 by just installing them from scratch as opposed to trying to upgrading an existing system, BUT I’ve run into a problem…

While running VMWare Server 1.0.3 with FreeBSD 6.2-p5 and Xorg 7.2, the mouse pointer behaves very oddly.

The pointer appears in the wrong place on the screen for where the system actually thinks that it is.

I’m using the vmmouse driver part of the Xorg system, as the regular mouse driver doesn’t appear to work at all, unless some settings are amiss.

I really like the vmmouse drive because you can move the pointer in/ out of the window as you do with regular windows guest OSes.

Has anyone experienced similar problems and/ or know of a fix for this?


I just set up VMWare Fusion with FreeBSD and have a problem that might be related. Ascii art time:
|_|         |
|           |
|           |

The pointer appears normally on the screen. However, clicking around the screen does not work except in a small area in the top left corner. Moving the mouse within this tiny corner seems to scale up and operate on the entire screen. Eg. if I click and drag across the tiny corner, I can see the selection appear across the entire desktop.

Is this similar to your issue?  Did you find a resolution?


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