James writes:

>  What has happened, though, is I've never ran rm in
>  /usr/ports/distfiles.  I'm going to think for a little bit about
>  a script that can move through /usr/ports/distfiles and reinstall
>  everything that exists there.

        Having been in almost the identical situation for different
rasons, I sympathize.
        Yes, this will involve a sweep through /usr/ports distfiles.
If you haven't ever deleted anything, I suggest a prelimiary manual
run deleting everything but the most recent version.  This has a
down-side, but it will prevent cluttering the rebuilt system with
unused ports.
        The other thing you want do is start with something /big/ -
OpenOffice, FireFox, GIMP, Java, Apache.  While rebuilding it will
take time (possibly days) it will automatically suck in the
        Send the output of the rebuild to a file; have a cron job
e-mail you the last 50 lines every hour.

                                Robert Huff
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