> > Is there any reason that RFCOMM doesn't give full tty support, like
> > the various USB modem drivers do?  That's likely the best way to deal
> > with this.  Then ppp or whatever application you want will just work.
> Maybe it is necessary/useful to 'steer' PPP from the RFCOMM end?
> eg 'when you get a connection from this device connect via PPP on
> stdin/stdout'

yes. that is one example. but the real trouble with tty is the
server application that wants to listen on wildcard address. for
example Network Access point that listens on RFCOMM channel 1. no
matter what client comes in the server will just accept connection
on the socket, fork and run PPP in direct mode. 

also there are other things besides PPP that use RFCOMM. OBEX
is another example, where clients will put/get objects from
the server.

> Still I guess you could just run 'ppp rfcomm' instead..

it will only work for in RFCOMM client case. i do not know
how to build server applications with tty interface (pty's
do not count :)


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