At 10:25 AM 10/12/2007, Michael Smith wrote:
Hello All:

We have a NAS that's running 6.2 with nfds, mountd, rpc_statd,
rpcbind and rpc_lockd.  Last night we had a scenario where nfs
clients, once disconnected, couldn't reconnect to the NAS, reporting
RPC timeouts.

We attempted to restart all of the services above in various orders,
but we were not able to get the clients reconnected.  We ultimately
rebooted the NAS server and all was well.

My question is, in troubleshooting this sort of thing, is there a
proper sequence for stopping and restarting the various services
associated with nfs?   Any hints would be greatly appreciated.



I wouldn't know the right order, and even if you did stop and start everything in the right order, it may not fix the problem. Your problem could be in the network stack, or someplace else. That is why I usually:
"If in doubt, reboot it out"

Your users already couldn't connect correctly, so no real harm in a reboot.


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