i have had a crazy month with my ports and keeping things updates (more 
specific to successfully building a kde set, but thats not what i want to ask 
about right now).  a minute ago, i tried to update my ports on my jail-host 
server.  autoconf was one of the recent problem, and now i see that the 2.59 
now aligns with the 2.61 as its upgrade path (where, before i think it didnt 
show up).  now, im getting:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]# portupgrade -apP
--->  Skipping 'devel/autoconf261' (autoconf-2.59_3) because it has already 
been ignored
** Listing the failed packages (*:skipped / !:failed)
        * devel/autoconf261 (autoconf-2.59_3)
--->  Packages processed: 0 done, 66 ignored, 1 skipped and 0 failed

so, how can i un-ignore something that portupgrade has apparently already 
Jonathan Horne
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