Hey people,

I couldn't seem to find any information anywhere regarding how to do
this, and I tried to do it myself with my somewhat limited networking
skills (I'm a relative newbie to FreeBSD).

This is the setup.

I have 2 network cards in the gateway machine.
rl0 is
rl1 is
(p.s. I know realtek suck.. but they were just spare cards!)

There is an external ADSL router connected to rl1, who's IP address is

The default router is ""

natd is enabled, and the natd interface is "rl1"
and gateway is enabled.

I also have the IPDIVERT and IPFIREWALL options in the kernel.
(and my firewall config has add divert natd from any to any via rl1)
Now, I've "sort-of" gotten it to work at the moment.. however I'm not
sure of a few settings.

First off, it only seems to work if I also enable NATing on the ADSL
router, which I would've thought would've caused problems due to "double
Secondly, due to this setup, I don't really know how to configure the

Any, and I mean any, help would be appreciated! :)


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