David Benfell wrote:
Hello all,

Where are there working directions for adding users under NIS?

The instructions in the FreeBSD handbook don't seem to result in
added users being propagated out to slaves.  And the failure is
silent, so I have no idea what I'm really supposed to be doing
to make this work.

All I know is that added users end up in the main /etc/passwd
and /etc/master.passwd; the -Y option to pw seems to change nothing
other than to consume time "updating" (but I don't know what, since
the changes I'm looking for don't appear) various maps and "pushing"
the maps.

And, having evidently done the *wrong* thing, how do I fix the
added users so they now appear in NIS?

Stupid question here, so I'll be the one to ask (seems a perfect
job for a troll like me), did you read pw.conf(5)?

Kevin Kinsey
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