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> >   
> The following comes from the handbook and works for me:
> copy your master.passwd to /var/yp, i.e:
> cp /etc/master.passwd /var/yp/master.passwd
> Edit the copy of master.passwd and exclude all "irrelevant" accounts
> (root,servers and so on)
> Then run:
> ypinit -m your-nis.domain
So the message I'm getting here is that the procedure used to initially
set up NIS is the same as that used to update NIS.  Further down that page,
it claims that pw can be used to add users to an existing scheme:

27.4.8 Important Things to Remember

There are still a couple of things that you will need to do differently now 
that you are in an NIS environment.


      Every time you wish to add a user to the lab, you must add it to the 
master NIS server only, and you must remember to rebuild the NIS maps. If you 
forget to do this, the new user will not be able to login anywhere except on 
the NIS master. For example, if we needed to add a new user jsmith to the lab, 
we would:

      # pw useradd jsmith
      # cd /var/yp
      # make test-domain

      You could also run adduser jsmith instead of pw useradd jsmith.

> My real problem with nis is the fact the freebsd maps are not compatible
> with linux clients, and I can't seem to get the Makefile right...

Ouch!  I'm ultimately planning to add a Linux client.  In theory, I can get
by with just NFS for this particular application, but it would be better to
have NIS as well.

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