Monday, February 3, 2003, 1:59:52 AM, you wrote:

GgL> On Monday,  3 February 2003 at  1:34:02 -0500, Ben Williams wrote:
>> Sunday, February 2, 2003, 1:50:20 PM, you wrote:
>> P> Hello... I have three hard drives in my system.  One of them (the first)
>> P> is the system disk.  I'm trying to get the other two ready to be a
>> P> mirrored volume.  No matter which of the last two drives is last, that
>> P> one always is listed as "amnesiac" when I do a disklabel on it:
>> P> ==============================
>> P> [root@archive 13:44:07 root]# disklabel ar2
>> P> # /dev/ar2:
>> P> type: unknown
>> P> disk: amnesiac
>> Maybe I'm being obvious here but have you tried a different cable
>> and/or controller?
>> First step: eliminate hardware as the cause.

GgL> This isn't a hardware issue.

GgL> Greg
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Ok. I haven't had the time/need to use vinum yet so I wasn't sure if
this was possibly an esoteric FBSD error.

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