On Monday,  3 February 2003 at  2:23:01 -0500, Ben Williams wrote:
> Monday, February 3, 2003, 1:59:52 AM, you wrote:
> GgL> On Monday,  3 February 2003 at  1:34:02 -0500, Ben Williams wrote:
>>> Sunday, February 2, 2003, 1:50:20 PM, you wrote:
>>> P> Hello... I have three hard drives in my system.  One of them (the first)
>>> P> is the system disk.  I'm trying to get the other two ready to be a
>>> P> mirrored volume.  No matter which of the last two drives is last, that
>>> P> one always is listed as "amnesiac" when I do a disklabel on it:
>>> P> ==============================
>>> P> [root@archive 13:44:07 root]# disklabel ar2
>>> P> # /dev/ar2:
>>> P> type: unknown
>>> P> disk: amnesiac
>>> Maybe I'm being obvious here but have you tried a different cable
>>> and/or controller?
>>> First step: eliminate hardware as the cause.
> GgL> This isn't a hardware issue.
> Ok. I haven't had the time/need to use vinum yet so I wasn't sure if
> this was possibly an esoteric FBSD error.

This has nothing to do with Vinum.  He hasn't got there yet.

The clue to hardware errors here is that there's nothing to suggest
it.  The names are not random; they suggest some configuration
problem.  I'm pretty sure that's the case, though admittedly in my
case it builds on similar experiences myself.

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