Dear Sirs.

We use now for two years a AMI EnterpriseRAID 1600 controler for our
RAID volume with no problems (8x 36GB IBM DDYS drives, one HOTSPARE).

Last night one of these disks died and the AMI controler begun rebuilding
the RAID on the defined HOTSPARE. In the meanwhile its job is done and
I replaced the defective drive by a new ICL type from IBM (DDYS drives
are outdated) with the same capacity. Since the crash occured, the controler's
buzzer is disturbing the environment with a loud sound.

I have two questions. Because of the alarm noise I miss a utility to
control the RAID controler. I checked the error logs and I found no
error message, that something went wrong with the RAID. FreeBSD seems
to lack in some suitable facilities to get error reports?
In this way, I wish to reconfigure the RAID. I exchanged the faulty
harddrive but I do not know wether this is now marked as the HOTSPARE
automaticaly. The only way to test this is to move out one of the
good drives out of the SCA cabinett and watch what is happening. Or
rebooting the machine and take a look into its BIOS, but at the
moment it's impossible to reboot the machine or  take it down for

How can an administrator get information how the RAID is configured
and how can the admin reconfigure the RAID (declare a new exchanged drive as
the spare etc.) from FreeBSD?

Thanks for your help.


O. Hartmann

IT-Administration des Institutes fuer Physik der Atmosphaere (IPA)
Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz
Becherweg 21
55099 Mainz

Tel: +496131/3924662 (Maschinenraum)
Tel: +496131/3924144 (Buero)
FAX: +496131/3923532

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