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> This is insane, the FreebSD team needs to find a more liable solution to this 
> problem, hence some of our prospects users that will be browsing the site 
> with vista machi9nes will just go away without knowing what is going on. Is 
> the team currently working gin a solution to this problem, after all most 
> networks still routing through IPv6. Patiently waiting for an 
> answer...Lisandro Grullon

The following is taken from the script of government informational video

Commentator: Fear not!

[Cut to scenes of Post WWII networking facilities ravaged by the war.
Half-starving network technicians are trying to repair antiquated
routers and switches.]

Commentator: The FreeBSD team is working feverishly to solve this problem.
Unfortunately, the resolution requires the replacement of billions of
dollars worth of network equipment spread across the world, much of it
owned by private companies who have little or no knowledge of the
problem or the solution.

[Cut to air-drops of new networking equipment being dropped over war-
torn cities.  Crowds of people line the streets and cheer as the
parachutes drop gently to the ground right in front of the local telco.]

Commentator: Luckily, the FreeBSD project has scores of influential
computer technicians all over the world, and they're all working to
solve the problem.  We believe that, in time, this scourge on our
network can be removed!

[Cut to shots of community groups meeting in churches with laptops.]

Commentator: What can you do to help?  Work to track down the exact
cause of your particular network problem and report it to the responsible
party.  Volunteer with your local user's group for whatever needs done!
Help to organize others and spread the news!

> > Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 15:07:55 +0200
> > CC:
> > Subject: Re: won't load in IE 7.x in vista box.
> > 
> > On 10/16/07, Lisandro Grullon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > Dear all users,
> > > After troubleshooting from all angles this problem i have run out of 
> > > imagination/sense. I loaded a machine with Windows Vista a work and try 
> > > accessing the website. The web site didn't load, yet I 
> > > try again in 10 other machines to see if it was a machine issue. Lastly I 
> > > try loading the size in a Windows XP machine and it works ok. What seems 
> > > to be the problem in this case? I have run out of ideas and even ask a 
> > > few colleges at work and they don't seem to have a clue either. Please 
> > > advise. Lisandro grullon
> > 
> > >From the section "Compatibility problems" of
> >
> > 
> > "TCP Window Scaling is widely implemented in the Windows Vista
> > operating system. Because many routers do not properly implement TCP
> > Window Scaling, it can cause a users Internet connection to
> > malfunction intermittently for a few minutes, then appear to start
> > working again for no reason. If "diagnose problem" is selected in
> > Vista, an error message will be displayed "cannot communicate with
> > primary DNS server."
> > "
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