I am having an issue which is most likely my lack of understanding and not a problem with 6.2 itself.

The system is running 6.2-RELEASE and I use bsnmpd. Here is the uname output.

FreeBSD lucky.orisit 6.2-RELEASE FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE #0: Wed Oct 10 10:40:51 EDT 2007

What I am trying to do is get bsnmp to respond to new MIBs, specifically UCD-SNMP-MIB.

After reading the manpages for bsnmp and gensnmptree I believe gensnmptree is the command I need to use.

This is where I get into trouble. The gensnmptree command doesn't give me any results no matter what I do. Even using a bug report example of gensnmptree -e sysName gives me no results.

So I proceeded to do some more google searching and noticed gensnmpdef was referenced several times as the program which may be what I need to use.

I found the code for this in /usr/src/contrib/bsnmp/gensnmpdef without a makefile. There is no gensnmpdef in /usr/sbin on the system but it is in the /usr/ports/net-mgt/bsnmpd/pkg-plist.

So I guess I need some guidance. Can I use gensnmptree to get this MIB into the bsnmp system? If so how is this done? -or- Is there a problem with the 6.2 release for gensnmpdef and that is in fact the program I am suppose to be using?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Jeff Royle
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