On Oct 17, 2007, at 2:37 PM, Chad Perrin wrote:
...suggests it will be put in /usr/local/bin/initdb (modulo $
{LOCALBASE}, if changed)-- try doing a rehash if needed.  :-)

It's not there, unfortunately. The above locate indicated as much, and `cd /usr/local/bin;ls|grep initdb` returns nothing (as does simply ls and
searching through it by eye).

Similarly, that location doesn't contain initlocation, pg_controldata,
pg_ctl, pg_id, pg_resetxlog, postgres, or postmaster.

Thus . . . rehashing (which I did before I ran the locate anyway)
probably won't work.

Odd-- that sounds like the port wasn't installed properly.  What does:

  pkg_info | grep postgres

...show?  And "pkg_info -Lx postgres"...?


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