Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
Dan Mahoney, System Admin wrote:
I recently noticed that Apple's new OS, Leopard, is Unix certified.

"UNIX Certified" what the [EMAIL PROTECTED]@ does that mean as far I know no 
one is
in a position to make such a statement except maybe the current owner of
the Unix trademark (sco if I am not mistaken)
I'd imagine that the big reason that FreeBSD hasn't done this yet is:
It costs a lot of money.

Apparently The Open Group are in charge of UNIX certification - see for details.


And give SCO a reason to actually consolidate it's illegitimate claim to
be the steward of Unix when there is no such thing beyond the holder of
the trademark.

That said, if in theory one were to try to get the operating system
certified (say, to increase awareness and market share versus the

a) approximately how much money is "a lot"?


b) How far short, technically, does FreeBSD fall from the standard
(we'll ignore operational semantics for the time being)

 MacOS-X is FreeBSD at it's core thus we are ready now (actually all
that is required is POSIX complience)
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