Kirk Strauser said:

> The main difference is that a flac file can be decompressed into a
> bit-for-bit identical copy of the original file, whereas a decompressed
> mp3
> bears almost no resemblance to the original.

Yes, not the first time today someone thought I was confued. Thanks.  I
thought a wav file and flac file occupied a similar place in the
food-compression chain.  So a good option would be to go from wav -> flac
If I  wanted to keep a lossless version of the recording around.

> You would probably sample your tapes into a wav file, edit it to your
> liking, then use flac for archival.

Joe Sotham
If the only prayer you say in your entire life is "Thank You",
that will suffice.
        - Meister Eckhart

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