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I'm trying to get FreeBSD running under Xen on a RedHat RHEL5 box. I seem to be stumped really early in the process by something... strange. I don't have a good explanation for it, other than Xen doing something weird, and thought I'd ask if anyone else had seen something similar. All the information I've found googling this error relates to users forgetting to install key packages, which doesn't seem to be related here.

Basically, I'm following the directions at http://www.yuanjue.net/xen/ howto.html. When I hit step 4, and try to run "xm create", xen complains:

# xm create -c freebsd_xen_INSTALL
Using config file "./freebsd_xen_INSTALL".
Error: Kernel image does not exist: /home/mattp/FreeBSD-XENU/freebsd- XENU_INSTALL

However, that kernel file does exist:

# ls -l /home/mattp/FreeBSD-XENU/freebsd-XENU_INSTALL
- -rw-r--r-- 1 mattp users 7379253 Aug 26 2006 /home/mattp/FreeBSD- XENU/freebsd-XENU_INSTALL

I'm using the config file suggested by the instructions with only two changes:
1) change the 'kernel' reference to the kernel file listed above
2) change the 'disk' reference to the image file created in step 1 (I also tried without this change)

Am I missing something here? Looks to me like either Xen is trying to chroot somewhere before loading the kernel (don't see anything relevant in the config file I downloaded) or something is broken somewhere.

Has this been seen before, or does anyone have suggestions about where to check for the error?


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