I've bought an USB->Serial adapter in order to use an old serial 33.6k 
modem. I've loaded the uplcom and ucom modules, but am unsure how to 
proceed from here.

The system runs FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE-p8. When connecting the adapter, 
dmesg says:

  ucom0: Prolific Technology Inc. USB-Serial Controller D, rev 
  1.10/4.00, addr 3

usbdevs -v says:

  port 6 addr 3: full speed, power 100 mA, config 1, USB-Serial
  Controller D(0x2303), Prolific Technology Inc.(0x067b), rev 4.00

I'd expect some device to show up in /dev, cuad1, ucom0, something like 
that, but I get nothing. (cuad0 is taken by the onboard serial port, 
which, alas, isn't wired to the outside of the case).

Any help is appreciated!


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