One of the biggest attractions, among many, is that you install the BSD base and then add what you want to it. I have increasingly become tired of having to spend a tonne of time taking a tonne of stuff out of a Linux distro that I don't need. Of course, part of this is that I am a generally focused user and particularly I am mainly after server type functions. I suppose it might be a bit different if I wanted a desktop replacement and didn't mind having a bunch of things to play with over time.

Many thanks again. I have saved many of your emails for future reference. I am blown away at the response and willingness to help. I didn't think that existed any more in cyberspace!


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On Tue, Oct 23, 2007 at 07:03:44AM +0100, Donovan R. Palmer wrote:

Friends... thank you for all of your responses. Last night I read a big
chunk of the handbook and read articles such as  Very
helpful. I was impressed with the quality of the documentation and I like
the disciplined approach to FreeBSD.

The more I read, the more I was convinced that FreeBSD was what I was
looking for and would satisfy some of my needs/disillusionment with Linux.
I look forward to putting it on a box and starting the learn the
differences. Many thanks again!

I think you are right.

A couple of thing I forgot to mention.

First, the default shell in FreeBSD is tcsh.
I like it for most things and find myself grinding my teeth at bash,
but you can easily change the shell to suit you.   If it is bash, then
you need to install it from ports and enter it in /etc/shells  and
then change your /etc/passwd entry using vipw(8).

The other one that can make things easier is that the directory
and file layout is described in a man page.   man hier  will get it
for you and can be very valuable in getting used to FreeBSD.

Note that all the directories listed in hier from / down to /stand  need
to be in the root file system for things to work, especially at boot
time and in single user mode.


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>On Mon, Oct 22, 2007 at 07:33:57PM +0100, Donovan R. Palmer wrote:
>>I have been using Linux for over 10 years, but have for a number of
>>become very interested in learning to use FreeBSD. Are there any ex or
>>current Linux users here and could you tell me how hard it is to make >>the >>shift from Linux? Is there anything in particular which has been >>written
>>which would be useful to read?
>I found it dead easy -- much, much easier than making the switch from MS
>Windows to Linux was.
>The best source of information on FreeBSD for new FreeBSD users is, in >my
>opinion, the FreeBSD handbook:
>Another excellent source of information is The Complete FreeBSD:
>There are a couple other books out there that I've found to be quite
>excellent, as well.
>In general, I think you'll find much of the differences between most
>Linux distributions and FreeBSD quite minor, but a touch strange at
>first, and in the long run very positive.  At least, that's my
>-- >CCD CopyWrite Chad Perrin [ ] >They always say that when life gives you lemons you should make >lemonade.
>I always wonder -- isn't the lemonade going to suck if life doesn't give
>you any sugar?
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