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> On Sun, 2 Feb 2003 14:02:17 +0000 (GMT), William Palfreman
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> That's what it says at one point in the docs.  At another point it explains
> that no, the "1" isn't extra, and it uses what Chris has in its example
> FreeBSD section for the menu.lst file.  (I used a similar config with GRUB,
> no problems.)

i tried both ways to no avail. The info page actually says the (hd0,a) 
notation is a short-cut for (hd0,1,a), so they should be equivalent. I found 
in some mailing list archive some comments about the bios not providing the 
right hints... tho i think i can rule that out since i've been running grub 
for about three years on this machine both with FBSD4.5, 4.6 and several 

> > Also, how new are you to FreeBSD?  You sound quite new.  
not that new :) I came from Mandrake Linux, i've been using FBSD from the 
release of 4.5 until last september. Then i switched to gentoo linux, and 
when FBSD5 was released i thought to give it a shot.

>>If I were you I
> > would use FreeBSD 4.7 instead of 5.0 - I'd only use 5.0 if I were an OS
> > developer or there was some feature on 5.0 that I desperately needed -
> > like maybe I had a machine with more than 2 CPUs.  I personally have no
> > intention of going near 5.x until it is the -stable branch *and*
> > everyone else has used it long enough to get the problems out.

in general, i agree with your statement: if i had a machine depending on 
stability, i wouldn't switch :) my gateway still safely runs 4.7... but 
trying new things is kinda exiting, so... :) 

> Dang!  I missed that.  GRUB may not recognize FreeBSD 5.0 disks - does
> anyone know for sure one way or the other?

It looks like running FBSD5 is the only difference between my machine now and 
the machine when i ran 4.6 with grub... does someone know if and how i can 
determine this 100%?

In any case, thanks all who have replied. If i find a solution, i'll make sure 
to post it, in the mean time, i'll be googling until evey piece of info on 
grub is on my pc :P


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