Wayne Pascoe wrote:

I've just installed Mozilla from ports (mozilla-1.2.1_1,2) and the
fonts are AWEFUL! I've then installed most everything in
/usr/ports/x11-fonts and added them to my Fontpath.
I have inquired about a similar problem these days and the solution I got was to disable the use of XFT when building mozilla, i.e., build it with "make install WITHOUT_XFT=yes". This will disable the anti-aliasing stuff altogether, restoring the appearance of Mozilla 1.1.
The advantage will be that you don't get a headache after 15 minutes of using mozilla (the default anti-aliased fonts, even in the widgets and all, you'll get with the port build look like you were very shortsighted and took your glasses off, or at least that's how I imagine it.)
The disadvantage is that even huge fonts in the webpage don't get smoothed. Joe Marcus Clarke also posted a different solution using fontconfig, by disabling anti-aliasing for fonts under a certain size. I didn't try that yet and can't comment on its usefulness. Check the mailing list archive for the postings.

Matthias Buelow

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