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> Francisco Reyes wrote:
> > Norberto Meijome writes:
> >
> >>> I do not have Windows on any of my machines but I have heard that
> >>> Win4BSD is really good. It is not free! I believe it is about
> >>> $45.
> >>
> >> $45 is far cheaper than EMC's VMWare workstation edition. Does it
> >> support Vista
> >> now? interesting..you can also try QEMu, on which Win4BSD is partly
> >> based .
> >
> > Win4BSD is not all that stable and the support is rather lacking. You
> > see many posts in their forums with no answer.. and others with
> > answers weeks/months later. 
> besides it doesn't work on amd64

I didnt know all this. thanks! QEMu will have to keep working for now ;)

btw, does QEMU work ok under 64bit? 

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