Bill Campbell wrote:

On Mon, Oct 22, 2007, simon butsana wrote:
I am looking for a software that will read repetitive data from a text file
and send it to a preformated fanfold paper (impact printer). The software
must be customizable as to be told on which area of the paper to print a
given field from the source text file.
The data in the text file would thus be translated in a certain number of
similar paper vouchers.
Does anyone have an idea?

I've been using nroff for this type of things for years.  One can do very
precise text location vertically and horizontally.  Our accounting software
prints invoices using groff, initially loading an image with .PSPIC, then
overlaying it with the text.
Just to second Bill's suggestion. I've done both labels and invoices with groff/troff with great success. The only issue is how accurately your printer will feed the paper so it may be better to be as generous as possible with margins around the printed data. (If this is fanfold paper, maybe it's a sprocket-type printer? In which case it's a question of how accurately the initial page is lined up when the paper is first inserted. You might want a pre-generated test page for when new paper is fed in).

Once you know what your troff looks like, any scripting language should be able to turn the text file into troff and print it. Perl is probably the obvious one.


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