Bahman M. wrote:
On 2007-10-25 kalin mintchev wrote:
hi all...

i noticed that when i take my laptop to work and change the network
settings in rc.conf before starting xorg after i do startx the whole
xorg/gnome experience gets slowed down. first xorg takes it's time to
start and then load gnome, window manager etc.
and then all applications in gnome take about 30 - 60 seconds to
start. when i get back home and change the rc.conf back to my home
settings th xorg starts quickly and all the applications start at
normal speed - 4 - 5 sec.

Just a wild guess but it could be a (D/DoS) worm active on that network.

Not likely, but you could do a tcpdump and see what the relative traffic on both networks is...

I think DNS is a likelier fix. A lot of things depend upon it working correctly.

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